21. Birthday

21st birthday wishes

Birthday cards are a great place for humor, sincerity and inspiration. Here, you will find sample wordings for creative 21st birthday wishes. Cards are meant to make people feel special! What better to accomplish this than the perfect set of words written by you? The pre-written wordings provided here can be applied straight to a birthday card without editing for simple, hassle-free card writing. They may also be used as inspiration for your own card wordings. Combine or edit one or two of the wording to create a memorable message for the newly 21-year-old. Whether you’re here to copy words or inspire ideas, these greetings will personalize your card and give meaning to someone’s 21st birthday!

Greetings for 21st birthday

  1. (To the tune of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas") We wish you a happy birthday(3X), now that you're 21! Now go drink and smoke and gamble(3X), it sounds like such fun!
  2. Well, congratulations! You've officially made it to adulthood. Now you can legally buy and drink alcohol, enter and gamble at a casino, adopt a child and teach someone how to drive. Just make sure you DON'T do it all at once! Happy birthday, my friend!
  3. I'm happy for you; you're now 21. It's been a good life, with working and fun. I'm glad I'm your friend and I'll never leave; we'll be like good old Adam and Eve. So blow out the candles and eat good and hearty, because as soon as you're done, it's time to PARTY!
  4. May your birthday be as good as life's been so far, with every wish come true on a candle or a star. May the next 21 years be full of joy and laughter, and may the rest of your life be a happily ever after.
  5. You're growing up so quickly! You sped through infancy, trampled past your terrible twos, skipped over childhood, shot up through your tweens, and raced headlong through every moment of adolescence. I couldn't have fonder memories or be more proud of you. Happy birthday.
  6. When I was 21, I worked 5 full-time jobs just to pay rent, hitchhiked through the mud and snow 100 miles to work everyday, AND I was married with 12 kids on the way. Well, youths may be underachievers these days, but I guess you're not doing too bad considering.
  7. It's the big one. The one you've been waiting your whole life for. You're 21 and legal. But, being legal means being responsible. So, have a great day and a great time. Happy Birthday Legal One!
  8. Happy 21st Birthday! It's the start of a new life and a new beginning. Enjoy it and embrace it. You're well on your way to great things.
  9. Happy Birthday! It's the big 21! We're so proud of your success and accomplishments thus far. We know there are great things ahead for you. Reach for the sky, it's there for the taking.
  10. Happy Birthday 21 year old! It's only upwards and onward from here. You've done a great job so far and the world is there for you to take hold of. Go for it!
  11. Today's a big day. Yesterday was the last day of anyone ever telling you "you can't do that because you're not 21. Those days are gone! Enjoy your 21st birthday and all it has to offer.
  12. Happy Birthday! We've been so blessed to watch you grow into the man/woman that you are today. We're proud of you and all you do for others. Today is the big 21! Enjoy it. You deserve it.