21. Birthday

21st birthday poems

Poetry is a sincere and concise way to convey a message. Here, you will find ready-to-use birthday poems. The poems are written newly for our website. They can be used to honor someone's 21st birthday in an encouraging and artistic way.

The poems can be written in birthday cards to wish the guest of honor well or recited to them before the birthday is celebrated. Using poetry in a card is a great way to commemorate a special birthday like the 21st birthday! Poems are also a great way to wish a newly 21-year-old a happy birthday on the social media sites they frequent!

Modern birthday poems

Happy twenty-first birthday
To a wonderful friend!
The world stretches in front of you,
Good spirits without end.
You’re an adult by all reckoning,
No longer on the brink,
So come out to the bar tonight,
And let us buy your drink!© 2013
We’ve always been proud of you,
We’ve always thought you’re great,
We’ve always loved your birthdays
And we love to celebrate!
But this time is a special one,
We know that you’ve been told;
We want to celebrate with you,
Our twenty-one-year-old! © 2013
You’re the whiskey in our ginger,
You’re the cherry in the ice,
You’re twenty-one today and
You’re every cocktail’s spice!
You’re the Scotch in our soda,
You’re tequila in the lime,
You’re the gold rum in our Coke,
We hope your birthday is sublime! © 2013
Happy Twenty-First to you!
We’re jubilant to see you through.
We always knew that you’d go far–
Tonight, let’s go out to the bar!
Pictures line the walls in there,
Strangers laughing, upturned chairs;
Moments of friendship, party games,
Nights of truth and storied fame.
But tonight will be better than ever it was,
Because it’s your birthday, and you’re with us. © 2013
On favorite family holidays,
We gathered all together;
Nieces, uncles, cousins, friends,
In snow and sunny weather.
We photographed and measured you
In pen against the wall,
We shared good food and wine and beer
And watched you growing tall.
We’re proud to say we love you,
And to offer this toast today:
Please join us now, fill up your glass
For your twenty-first birthday!© 2013
Meaningful from a Friend:
You have always been a great friend to me
Always trying to be the greatest friend that you could be
You were there for me when I was up, you were there when I was down
You could always make me smile when all I wanted to do is frown
Now you're 21 and I hope you have a blast
It's great to have a friend who always puts me first, and never puts me last
Gift ideas: A framed photo of the two friends together as children.© 2013
From a Mother to her Daughter:
No matter how old you get, you will always be my little girl
Its seems like only yesterday, you were playing dress up with my pearls
I know that you are grown now, you are 21
And I am so proud of the woman that you have become
Gift ideas: A day of mother/daughter beauty and bonding time© 2013
From a Father to his Son:
I remember teaching you how to catch and hit a ball
I remember when you were only two feet tall
It feels like just yesterday I was bouncing you on my knee
Now you are a man, and I'm as proud of you as any father could be
Gift ideas: Tickets to a sporting event for bonding time© 2013
From a Friend:
Look at you, you are finally 21!!!
You know what this means? A year of partying,drinking and fun
This is our time, so let live it up right
Going out with the gang and staying up all night
And when the sun comes up, and it is another day
I hope you can say “Wow, that was the best birthday!!!”
Gift ideas: A gift set with liquor and nice glasses. They are 21 after all.© 2013
From a Mother or a Father:
It seems like just yesterday I was teaching you to use a big kid cup
Now look at you, you are all grown up.
I could not be more proud of what you have become
I still cannot believe that you are 21
This is your day, and I hope it is lots of fun
But I will never forget when your were still my “little one”
Gift ideas: Money, or for a more meaningful gift, a scrap book of the first 21 years of the child's life.© 2013
To a Big Brother:
Look at you big brother, you are finally 21
Remember when we were kids and we used to have so much fun
We were usually good, but we had moments when we were bad
We loved to drive Dad and Mom absolutely mad
My birthday wish for you brother, is to have a year full of fun
Isn't that what you're supposed to do when you turn 21?
Gift ideas: A gift card to his favorite store© 2013