21. Birthday

21st Birthday

Birthdays only come one time a year and a 21st birthday only happens one time in a lifetime! Offered here are wordings, quotes, and poems all suitable for use for a special 21st birthday wish.

Inscribing a 21st birthday card with the perfect phrasing can make someone feel extra special on his or her big day. The wordings provided are meant for greeting cards when you just can't find the right words to say. These wordings will offer inspiration for writing the perfect 21st birthday card!

The poems listed are great for birthday cards and parties. They can be read to the guest of honor or written in a card as a well wish. The birthday quotes, coming from famous and influential people in history, are also appropriate for birthday cards and parties. The perfect wording is necessary for a 21st birthday because the day is held in such high regard.

The 21st birthday is a special birthday as it is the crossover from teenager to adult! In the United States this means that you can legally buy alcohol, be considered an adult and no longer be dependent on parents. Many teenagers look forward to this day for this reason. All of the quotes, poems and wordings offered provide congratulations on this special start to adulthood! Whether you are congratulating a child, grandchild, friend, or co-worker, the perfect words for a 21st birthday can be found here.